a video poem by
Louk Vreeswijk
to music by
György Ligeti, Giacinto Scelsi, György Kurtág / J.S.Bach

MEMORIA consists of three sequences of moving images, each inspired by a musical composition, separated from each other by two intervals. Together they make a sort of video poem.

By linking images and music, both start interacting with each other. Although the pictures influence the reading of the music to a certain extent and vice versa, the flow of the images, their movement or non-movement, their duration and succession, and the character of the music are such that each viewer/listener can place his or her own interpretation on the combination of the two.

MEMORIA may be seen as a poetic contemplation about the life of man in this world, as a reflection on the cycle of life and death in an ongoing natural process.

The music:

György Ligeti: Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra, Part 1
Jean-Guihen Queyras, violoncello; Ensemble InterContemporain, director Pierre Boulez

Giacinto Scelsi: Trilogia : III – Ygghur, Part 1
Frances-Marie Uitti, violoncello

György Kurtág, Játékok : Sonatina, Cantata BWV 106 by J.S. Bach
Márta and György Kurtág, piano

Technical data:
Video / stereo sound / 17.5 minutes / 1999

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