Doors of Culture

The Doors of Culture Shall Be Opened!

Video produced at the Conference:

The Cultural Voice of Resistance,

South African and Dutch Artists against Apartheid,

Amsterdam, 13 – 18 December 1982

All the individual events in this week were registered by the vigilant camera eye. The resulting collage of images evokes a clear impression of the intense discussions, artistic achievements and workshop contributions to the conference. Bert Schierbeek, Cosmo Pieterse, J. Bernlef, Hugh Masakela, Willy Kgositsile and many other major South African and Dutch artists appear.

Technical data:

B/W Video / language: English, Dutch, Afrikaans / 40 minutes / Netherlands 1983

Produced and directed by Maarten Rens, Louk Vreeswijk and other members of the video collective of the AABN (Anti Apartheid Movement Netherlands).

A short version of the film can be seen on my YouTube channel


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