Witness Apartheid Aggression

In the early eighties the South African Army, with its so-called ‘total strategy’, started a campaign of military attacks against the neighbouring countries and the liberation movements ANC and SWAPO. The strategic objective was to force the frontline states to give up their support to the liberation movements and, by destabilizing them, to make them into a sort of Bantustans of South Africa.

In the video film eyewitnesses and victims in Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Lesotho and South Africa, give detailed, shocking evidence of the South African aggression during that period.

Technical data:

Video / language: Portuguese, English, Dutch, Afrikaans / English subtitles / 48 minutes / Netherlands 1984

Produced and directed by Maarten Rens, Louk Vreeswijk, Fons Geerlings and Connie Braam for the AABN (Anti Apartheid Movement Netherlands).

The film can be seen on my YouTube channel


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