After sunrise

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Sep 30 2012

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Category: Asia, India

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I could say that the photo is taken early in the morning. The fact that the beach, which is on India’s west coast, is for the most part in shadow, indicates this. The sun has not yet fully risen above the trees that are behind me. I could say that the man and his cow have clearly sought out their path in the sun, in order to enjoy its warmth at this early hour. I could say that I presume that the man has taken the beach route as a short cut to an inland grazing ground further down, but that the cow doesn’t seem to like this, maybe because she finds absolutely nothing to eat on the way. But why saying all this? The picture shows a magic moment and needs no further comment.

Photo of the week: Nandgaon, India, 2004

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