Nymphets from the sea

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Oct 07 2012

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Category: Asia, India

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Two young girls looking into the vast expanse of sea and sky. The quiet sound of water lapping against the boat has made them drowsy. They are dreaming away in the soft sea breeze, floating gently on the waves.

For me when taking the picture, as for you now looking at it, this is how it seems. We can form an idea of the state of mind of the girls. Since we are looking at them from the back we can not see their faces, and consequently they can not see ours. This gives us an opportunity to observe them unnoticed, enjoying the sight of their youthful figures without inhibition.

One photo, two layers of dreams.

Photo of the week: Goa, India, 2002

One comment on “Nymphets from the sea”

  1. Blowing in the wind


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