Composition in ochre and black

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Nov 04 2012


Category: Asia, Nepal


The colour scheme and the distribution of forms within the frame of the picture, paint an image of harmony. The hen must just have picked some grain out of the black pot, and it is now tilting towards her. The pot, standing in equilibrium, creates an extra tension, which enhances the overall sense of harmony.

Harmony is what many of us are looking for in life. Harmony in the environment we live in, in our homes, in our relationships with others, in our inner self. When we talk about beauty, harmony is often one of its qualities. Seeing it, experiencing a sense of beauty, is my primary motive for taking a picture. I like to keep that experience of a moment, safeguard it, share it. In a way my pictures tell you what I feel, what I think; it tells you who I am.

Photo of the week: Pokhara, Nepal, 1996

5 comments on “Composition in ochre and black”

  1. So nice to see your beautiful photo and read the text.


  2. Leuk om de tekst te lezen van de mooie foto die bij Shyam in de huiskamer hangt!


  3. So beautiful.


  4. The pot – so alive! This is a classic photograph!


  5. Beautiful! Not just the picture, but also your commentary.


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