A stick in shallow water

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Nov 18 2012


Category: Asia, India


Focal Length:40.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Such a simple picture, but oh so deep! Ever since I saw this stick in the water and took a picture of it, the image has fixed itself on to my mind. What we see here is clear: 1) a stick in the sun, protruding from the water, 2) the refracted continuation of the stick under water, 3) the reflection of the stick, and 4) the shadow of the stick on the water surface. Four appearances of the one stick. It may be clear and simple, but it remains a miracle.

I often wonder what this image is telling us. I think it shows the multiformed aspect a seemingly simple object can assume in reality. When we look at the world, do we always see the whole picture, or do we only see part of it? The process of increasing our knowledge and understanding of the world, while trying to see and grasp it in all its dimensions remains a constant challenge. This is the essence of science and of a scientific world view. We don’t need the interference of a god in this ongoing process. Even when contemplating the completely comprehensive image of the stick in the water we can’t help but keep marvelling at the world in which we live.

Photo of the week: Betul, M.P., India, 2007

2 comments on “A stick in shallow water”

  1. It is indeed a phenomenonal and very spiritual photograph! I started my day with looking at this photograph and realised how multi-faceted and diverse perspectives we can have of ourselves- both from within and without…and how we are the sum of all of them- the good, the bad and the ugly….Thanks for sharing…


  2. Nu alle tijd om lekker naar foto te staren. Armpje gebroken. Van de trap gekukeld.


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