By: Louk Vreeswijk

Dec 16 2012

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Category: Asia, Japan

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Tranquillity (jaku)

Zen rock gardens are oases of tranquillity. They are not intended as places we set foot in, but places we quietly contemplate from the outside. They are places for meditation, created in the precincts of Zen Buddhist temples.

Ryoan-ji, the rock garden in the picture, dates from the end of the 15th century. With its audaciously simple design, it can be considered to represent the essence of Japanese Zen art. More Zen than Ryoan-ji we don’t find. Or it must be, with its subdued lighting and colours, Ryoan-ji in the rain.

Calligraphy by: Soshitsu Sen, for his book “Tea life, Tea mind”

Photo of the week: the rock garden of Ryoan-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan, 2008

One comment on “Tranquillity”

  1. Tranquility is added more by your commentary. One can actually feel your soft rolling voice in the background while reading it


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