The lonely slipper

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Jan 13 2013

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Category: Asia, India

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or Shiva and Parvati in a courtyard

“Shiva is man and Parvati is woman; they are the causes of creation. All men have Shiva as their soul, and all women are Parvati.

Shiva has the form of the male sign, the lingam, and the goddess has the form of the female sign, the yoni. The universe, moving and still, has the form of the sign of Shiva and Parvati.”

(Source: Brhaddharma Purana, 13th cent. AD)

I used this text in my film In the beginning was desire

Photo of the week: Orchha, India, 2004

One comment on “The lonely slipper”

  1. The neatness of the courtyard is so characteristic of Central Indian houses. It also emphasizes the special prominence of religion in their lives. It reminded me of my visit to tribal homes when I used to stay in Bihar in my childhood.


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