New life, new hope

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Mar 24 2013


Category: Asia, Cambodia

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What does the boy in the picture see, what does he feel, what associations does he have while looking at the woman-statue? His apparent intensive look and the way he holds the woman by the arm, suggests she makes him think of his mother or another close family member. He seems particularly intrigued by her appearance.

Since we are here in post Pol Pot Cambodia, we are easily tempted to look for an interpretation at the country’s recent history and at the traumatized state in which most families had to reinvent themselves after 1979.

War traumas, broken home traumas, can certainly affect and impede the well-being of a new generation, but with the passage of time the sharp edges can be expected to slowly smoothen and allow young minds to open up to feelings of playfulness, curiosity, joy.

Battambang, Cambodia, 2000

Life needs beauty, needs kindness. This photo radiates both. The gesture of the girl, offering a tender coconut to me ….. I still remember it and I’m still moved by it. I saw in her kind, open look a new sign of life, of youth, of hope for her troubled country.

Photo of the week: Battambang, Cambodia, 2000

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