Where I stand

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Apr 21 2013

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After my comments in the previous posts on the Fall of man and Redemption of man, you may like to know where I stand.

Well, I’m standing here under this tree and look up and think it’s beautiful.

Through our observations of nature, and our thoughts and studies, we have come to a certain understanding of the natural processes of life, of organic growth, death and regeneration. We, human beings, see it everywhere around us and we are part of it.

The problem is that we have developed minds, which make us think; think that we are different, which we are only to a certain extent. We are still part of nature and governed by its law of life that feeds on death. Only in this way I believe in mortality as a prelude to new life.

But man thinks he is entitled to eternal life in heaven, an imaginary place he invented along with his god(s). Playing a modest role in the natural process of life, death and regeneration is not good enough for him. Because, what about his unique mind, his precious soul?

I think my mind will stop working at the moment of my death. You may still get to see some new photos of the week on this blog with my comments, but that depends on how many I have been able to prepare well enough in advance.

I feel closer to Epicurean philosophy or a no-nonsense form of paganism (organic vitality and spirituality of the natural world) than to any major religion of later date. Which makes me a pitiable heathen for those who have seen the light in the eyes of their true and only god. I can deeply admire a beautiful tree, but I cannot worship it as holy. Tree worship, idol worship, gods, religious ritual, prayer …. No, it’s not for me. Freely using my mind, yes: observe, listen, marvel, think, read, contemplate … I’m doing it all the time.

Photo of the week: Rajpur, India, 1995

One comment on “Where I stand”

  1. I stand with you entirely. The best we can do after we’re gone is to have our ashes used to grow more trees. Nature knows how to recycle, mankind still has to learn.


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