Jai Golu Devta …

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Jul 07 2013

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So what are the requests like, that the worshippers of Goludev ask from him? They write their petitions on paper, which allows us to take a closer look at some of them.

Petition to Goludev, Chitai temple

Petition to Goludev by Priyanshu Gagola, Chitai temple

“Jai Golu Devta! My name, Priyanshu Gagola! Make me successful in finishing the 12th standard! May I get a government job! May I be able to keep my mother, father always happy! May I have a large house! May I buy 5-6 big cars! May Megha pass 9th, 10th standards! May she get a good government job!”

Petition to Goludev, Chitai temple

Petition to Goludev by Vimanyu and Akanksha, Chitai temple

“O God, may I become a good C.A. (Chartered Accountant) quickly please. I want to keep my family happy always. And bless me such that I am capable of keeping my mummy happy. Give me the strength to understand and to undertake my family responsibilities well. And write my marriage with Akanksha, God. And bless me such that I am capable of fulfilling all my mummy’s, my sister’s, and Akanksha’s wishes. And that I bring glory to my father’s name. And that I can make all people associated with me happy. And always take care of my mummy and Akanksha’s mummy, God. Protect my sister. And as for the rest, you know everything, for you read hearts. And God, may I never have arrogance. Thank you, God.”

Petition to Goludev, Chitai temple

Petition to Goludev by M.Kumar from Nainital, Chitai temple

“Jai Golu Devta! I pray that all of my family’s wishes be fulfilled, and may I and my brothers get employment soon. I will come to your court again to thank you, and will host a meal according to my capability.”

P1000681 cropped Chitai blog column size - Copy

Wish pile at Bell temple, Chitai, Uttarakhand, India

It would be an interesting study to go through all those pieces of paper, recent and old, and see if the nature of the wishes has changed over time. The most extravagant ones risk of course to remain hanging there for ever; Goludev nor the petitioners themselves being able to make them come true.

Photo of the week: devotees and masses of written requests at the temple of Goludev, Chitai, Uttarakhand, India, 2012

Translations of the petitions by Suhasini and Nitin.

4 comments on “Jai Golu Devta …”

  1. Wonderful!


  2. Indeed, would be a nice study how whishes directed to Gods or saints would change over time and whether there are differences between age, sex, class. A comparative perspectve would even be more interesteing to see what catholics write in the notebooks you find in churches in Southern Europe in front of statues of saints..


  3. He golu devta aap ko Mera naman he pabhu he devta meri patni Arati ko mere bache ka sukh do uski god me ek payara sa bacha do meri manokamna puri karo me aap ke dabar me ghanti chadawunga golu devta ki jay


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