Equestrian statues

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Aug 11 2013


Category: Austria, Europe

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Statues of national heroes on horseback, I don’t think much of them. Not of the statues, nor of the heroes. They generally make me yawn with boredom, or at best incite me to ridicule.  So when I saw this equestrian statue in Vienna, I felt an urge to search for the right angle to make it look funny. One sees the rearing horse, but not its rider. His head is hidden behind that of the horse. Because of this, one thinks at first glance that it’s the horse that stretches out its arm, swaying triumphantly with the flag in its hand! A flag by the way that from this angle looks more like a folded parasol. All taken together the photo looks indeed rather funny.

I had to search the internet in order to find out whose statue it actually is, since my indifference had of course prevented me from noting it down when I took the picture. There I saw really dozens of photos all of the same statue, but not one taken from my point of view.

Photo of the week: equestrian statue (detail) by Anton Fernkorn (1859) of Archduke Charles of Austria, Heldenplatz, Vienna, 2003

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