Mirror images

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Sep 15 2013

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Category: Asia, India


Focal Length:8.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Apart from confronting us with ourselves, a mirror can reflect objects from a part of the room or space around us that would otherwise not be visible from our point of view. Or it can reflect a side of an object that we would not be able to see without mirror. In the picture of the boy combing his hair, our position in front of the mirror allows us to see his face and the back of his head at the same time, caught in one image. The presence of a mirror adds an extra dimension which can be exploited in different ways in the composition of a photo. It can widen our outlook or have an intriguing, alienating effect.

Luxor, Egypt 2000

Luxor, Egypt 2000

The image of the girl in the mirror on this photo has a slightly alienating effect. The girl must be in the room, like the photographer, but we only see a white, strangely lighted space with the mirror image of the otherwise invisible girl in the middle of the photo. It gives the picture a dreamlike quality.

And then we have the curious and funny effect of the almost invisible mirror in the picture below, resulting in the ‘man without a head’. Mirrors are strange things.

Almora, India 2011

Almora, India 2011

Photo of the week: Viratnagar, India 2002

3 comments on “Mirror images”

  1. Quite something, the man without a head. I probably look into that mirror everyday, seeing the here and now, whereas your photos bring back memories of distant lands from our past.


  2. I find your pictures and comments very fine and inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing! Theo


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