The universe in a forest

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Nov 03 2013

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Category: Europe, Netherlands


Focal Length:40.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I took this picture in the same forest as last week’s pictures. I was intrigued by the lit up green patches – leaves and reflections of leaves – in the middle of this very dark pool of water. But only when seeing the photo afterwards on the screen I started noticing all the other little objects and glitters spread over the surface of the pool. And suddenly this made me look at the picture in a different way: as an astronomical image of enormous dimensions, with nebulae, star clusters and whole galaxies, hundreds of millions of light years apart, in the immense darkness of the universe.

"Nebula", a thin layer of earth floating on water

“Nebula”, a thin layer of earth floating on water

Last week the forest pulled me back in time to the very beginnings of life on our planet. This week the same forest launches me into outer space, offering a glance at distant corners of the universe. Isn’t it a wonderful world, with the eye and mind of man playing their own wonderful part?

Photos of the week: Waterloopbos, in the polder near Vollenhoven and Marknesse, Netherlands, 2013

2 comments on “The universe in a forest”

  1. Aujourd’hui j’ai regardé la photo de dimanche passé si belle de lumière verte de transparence de présence végétale avec l’ombre du regardeur…ta présence. Celle envoyée aujourd’hui est plus inquiétante, sombre… avec ses bulles… je les ai montrées à Richard le fils de ma soeur Suzon qui était venu ce weekend avec son frère Olivier rendre visite à leur mère… sur ma recommandation Richard s’est ajouté à ta liste pour dimanche prochain très curieux et heureux de ce partage d’images et de comments


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