Like a dream in transit

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Nov 10 2013

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Category: Europe, Finland


Focal Length:25.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Planes came and went. Lost in thought I was looking at the loading and unloading that was going on outside in front of me. Suddenly the shape of a young woman slid into my field of vision and stayed there, at arm’s length. Before I could think “Move on please, you’re blocking my view”, I was already inspecting the details of her slim, attractive figure. She stood with her back to me. If I kept my head straight I only saw part of her body. The contours of her legs shimmered through her casual little dress and seemed to continue in its pleats. If I stretched my arm I would touch her hip. If I stretched both arms I could pull her gently on my lap ….. Instead I took my camera.

A little later I was daydreaming again, my eyes focused on the empty spot in front of me, while outside, in a haze, planes moved to and fro.

Photo of the week: Airport Helsinki, Finland, 2013

2 comments on “Like a dream in transit”

  1. You write as well as you click…..dreams are always so great to read and write about..


    • Thanks, Shubhendu. Good to hear from you again. Dreams can sometimes be close to reality, but here it was the other way round.


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