Bird’s-eye view (1)

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Nov 17 2013

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Category: Europe, Greece

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As you can see, I was interested here in the black and white pattern of the floor in this courtyard. It is made of small round pebbles, a kind of simple mosaic that can be observed in some places in Greece. This particular courtyard is inside the monastery of Panormitis on the island of Symi. The little green twig in one and the small carpet in the opposite corner of the photo, with the child in between, lend the scene a touch of colour, and life.

I once organized an exhibition of my photos for which this picture was used as a poster. Each time I look at it, my thoughts go back not to the exhibition, not to the child looking up at me, but to the girl who enthusiastically designed the poster for the exhibition and who liked this photo very much. Not long after, a fatal car accident took her enthusiasm and her young life away.

Photo of the week: Monastery of Panormitis, Symi, Greece 2000

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