Bird’s-eye view (3)

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Dec 01 2013


Category: Europe, Italy

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Like in last two posts, we’re again looking down at paving stones, this time on the main historic square in Siena, Italy. But now the bird’s-eye is so high above the ground that we can perceive the people down below only as tiny little puppets. They are too small to notice any remarkable, distinguishing features. It makes us look at this picture in a different way than the bird’s-eye views of last two weeks.

We see rays of pavement fanning out, with the sharp shadows of an invisible building going against them. This provides the photo with a strong, graphic character and produces an interesting tension. Still, the little human figures are not unimportant in the overall picture. They give us an idea of scale and distance and, dispersed as they are on the square, create a sensation of spaciousness.

Photo of the week: Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy 1989

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