Threatened with extinction

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Dec 08 2013

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Category: Europe, Poland

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Focal Length:24.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Nuns openly on the street, that truly isn’t a common sight anymore in Europe! With the exception maybe of places like Rome, or – as in the photo above – Krakow. Rome because of the Vatican and the Papal throne; Krakow as the place from where Archbishop Wojtyla was called in 1978 to become Pope.

With their cheerful faces, shining with childlike naïveté, we certainly may call the two nuns an exemplary couple. Compared with the four men and women behind their back they seem to come from another world. No voluptuousness, no flirtation, ….. all that radiates from their looks and pose is chastity; virginity; purity of body and mind. Their hearts filled with the love of Jesus; their hearts brimming with love for Jesus.

Krakow, Poland 2007

Krakow, Poland 2007

Maybe they should pay a visit to the nearby church and show their happy faces to the man who sits there sulking in his little window. It may cheer him up.

Photo of the week: Krakow, Poland 2007

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