Rectangles in perspective

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Jan 26 2014


Category: Asia, India

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Geometrical figures, seen in real space from a certain viewpoint, then photographed, and subsequently reproduced on the flat, rectangular plane of a photo ….. they can make for interesting images.

When we look through our eyes, the brain takes care of correcting to a certain extent the optical distortions that occur, and produces an image in the mind that corresponds more or less with reality. Standing at the spot from where the photo above was taken, we would thus see a large square form, but on the two-dimensional plane of the photo we actually see a quadrangle. Although, the presence of other elements in the scene allows us, even when looking at the two-dimensional photo, to interpret viewpoint, perspective and object in such a way that our minds draw the conclusion of seeing a square. But if we would trace the geometrical figure on a blank piece of paper we would see a mere quadrangle, not even a parallelogram.

Nandgaon, India 2004

Nandgaon, India 2004

I think my interest in photography is partly fed by these processes of perception, perspectival distortion, reproduction and interpretation. The other part of my fascination is of course what I referred to above as the “other elements in the scene”, like the man sitting on the edge of the big square in the top photo, and the shadow of the person in the chair in the one below. The more or less conscious “play” with these different elements does not only sometimes result in aesthetically satisfying images, it also provokes thought about the world and our perception thereof.

Photo of the week: Raja Mahal, Orchha, India 2004

One comment on “Rectangles in perspective”

  1. Beautiful piece, Louk. I love hearing your thoughts on photography.


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