Taking distance

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Feb 16 2014

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Category: Asia, Indonesia

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It is advisable to climb now and then to higher altitudes and rise above the daily cackling of one’s 7 billion fellow human beings. Not to put oneself above the group out of a misplaced sense of superiority, but rather to take some distance for a while and so have a broader view of the world, our common living space, for which we have a shared responsibility.

Taking in the amazing beauty of our planet with all our senses, and listening to its silence from a high vantage point, deepens our awareness.

It is important, when doing this, to remain standing on firm ground. Looking back at Earth from space is different. Keeping bodily contact with its surface is essential. It imbues us with the sensation that this is our home, the earth under our feet, where we and all other creatures have come from, live on, and return to.

Photo of the week; Tengger Massif, East Java, Indonesia 1993

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