The other

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Mar 02 2014

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Category: Asia, Indonesia

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Having climbed in the early morning all the way up to the ridge of the volcano crater, I look around me. The thin morning mist still hangs over the vast surrounding sea of sands as a shining veil. On my other side I look into the depth of the crater .

Then, at the opposite side of the ridge to the right, I descry the minuscule sunlit form of ‘the other’, who by its presence accentuates my own insignificance. Two tiny, solitary creatures on the edge of a volcano, in a miraculous landscape where planet Earth regularly shows its inner self.

Indonesia, Bromo, 1993 (7) blogsize

Since the eruptions of the Bromo in 2010 and 2011, the crater has changed its looks. It is much wider now than on this photo which dates from 1993.

Photos of the week: Mount Bromo volcano, Tengger Massif, East Java, Indonesia 1993

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