Under the Sony roof

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Nov 16 2014

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Category: Europe, Germany

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Why this photo pleases me:

  • The proportion and partition of light and dark parts within the frame of the picture create a strong, graphic image.
  • The straight lines and their angles versus the curved shape of the roof create a pleasant tension.
  • The fact that the dark part on the lower right seems to be a true multistory apartment building creates a sensation of amazement about the apparent dimensions of the roof.
  • The fact that not only architectural forms but also natural forms of entire trees have found a place under the roof adds to the sensation of amazement.


Photo of the week: Sony roof, Berlin, Germany 2005

One comment on “Under the Sony roof”

  1. […] reminds me of a picture that I once took in Berlin and that I posted earlier on this blog. The two compositions make for an interesting […]


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