Flying birds

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Mar 15 2015


Category: Canada, The Americas

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The world of advertising isn’t the real world. The flying birds on the photo above in front of the big advertisement board of Giorgio Armani aren’t real birds. In that sense the two go well together.

The beautiful woman and – sometimes – the handsome man on an advertisement photo are not available, no matter how provocative or inviting they are portrayed. But the product they recommend is for sale! The advertisement wants to move our liking of the lady or gentleman to the product that is connected with their attractive figures and looks.

The imaginary world of advertising is a dream world, built on passions and desires that we all know from real life.

(The background is a detail of a big photo by Herb Ritts for Acqua de Gio – Giorgio Amani.)

Photo of the week: Toronto, Canada 2001

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