The Pyramids

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Dec 04 2016

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Category: Africa, Egypt

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Going down the pyramids, one doesn’t do it every day. Nor coming face to face with them. When the moment is there, one can’t avoid the impression of absolute grandeur, and of well-nigh disbelief that thousands of years ago people have managed to plan, organize and build monuments like that.

Egypt- Great Pyramid of Giza- Jan. 2001

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt 2001

With its height of 140 metres the Great Pyramid of Giza (2560 BC) was to remain for 3800 years the highest man-made construction on earth. A Wonder of the World that has stood the test of time.

A regular square pyramid, a simple geometric shape, a basic element in art and science. Even enlarged to grandiose dimensions the form preserves its fundamental, universal simplicity.

Photo of the week: Inside the Red Pyramid of Dashur, Egypt 2001

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