Encounter in the forest

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Jul 09 2017

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Category: Europe, Switzerland

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Two weeks ago I showed you a photo of nature as art. Here we have a case of art in nature. Art and nature … they often go well together.

Two ladies in the forest, facing each other. Their upright, elegant figures in wood with metal dress stand still like the trees. They contrast just enough with their surroundings to be noticed. They surprise us with their presence in this environment. Surprise, that’s something art often is capable of doing.

Floriane Tissières, L'art au fil du Talent, Assens, Switzerland 2003

Floriane Tissières, L’art au fil du Talent, Assens, Switzerland 2003

A little further we see a mirror fixed high on the trunk of a tree. Unlike the two lady sculptures we can hardly call it an art object in itself, but it surprises us all the same. It is the idea, the gesture that makes the art.

Art can take us by surprise and invite us to question our ways of seeing, our preconceptions of the world and of man.

Both works were part of the exhibition “L’art au fil du Talent” in 2003, Assens, Switzerland. Art works were placed in nature along a path following the little river called “le Talent”. Hence the nice title.

Photo of the week: sculptures in the woods, Risch Aniko, L’art au fil du Talent, Assens, Switzerland 2003

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