Dissected and compounded

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Jul 23 2017

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Category: Europe, Switzerland


A breast, a breast with arm, a head, a neck, black hairdo … the figure of a woman put together of its constituent parts. The artist has done a decent job, at least for the portion we see in the picture, which was the part of the sculpture most to my liking when I saw it at the 2005 Bex Triennale. Leisurely leaning back she looks frankly at something or, more likely, somebody. Defiant, unashamed … Oh those breasts!

Photo of the week: Sculpture (detail) by Manuel Muller, Triënnale de sculpture contemporaine, Bex, Switzerland 2005

2 comments on “Dissected and compounded”

  1. The face is not very feminine, is it?


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