Blue nude

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Dec 10 2017


Category: Europe, Netherlands

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Focal Length:21mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Throughout his long creative life the female figure, dressed or nude, has been a favourite theme of Henri Matisse. In hundreds of paintings, drawings and sculptures he has sung the beauty of woman.

The last ten years of his life he was bedridden and couldn’t paint anymore but his creativity remained unbroken. From this period originate his coloured cut-outs. He let his assistants paint sheets of paper with gouache out of which he then cut the forms for a new composition. The example on the photo – skipping blue nude, gouache on paper, cut and pasted on paper, mounted on canvas – dates back to 1952, two years before his death. A celebration of life.

Photo of the week: Henri Matisse, Nue bleue, sauteuse de corde (Blue Nude, Skipping) – 1952, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Netherlands 2015 

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