Café Kafka

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Mar 18 2018

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Category: Czech Republic, Europe

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Several cafés in Prague where Kafka liked to come a century ago with his friend Max Brod do not exist anymore. Instead we now find cafés named after him. If Brod had followed Kafka’s wish and had destroyed his friend’s unpublished manuscripts after his untimely death in 1924, the world would not have known the three masterpieces of this extraordinary, inimitable writer. Thanks to Brod we now have ‘Der Prozess’ (1925), ‘Das Schloss’ (1926) and ‘Amerika’ (1927). And in a way thanks to Brod we can now have a coffee in café Kafka.

Here Franz Kafka was born July 3, 1883

Photo of the week: Café Kafka, Prague, Czech Republic 2007

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