Sol LeWitt No.532

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Jan 06 2019


Category: Europe, Switzerland

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Focal Length:14.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I have paid attention to Sol LeWitt on this blog before. You can see here and here.
At the 2016 art fair in Geneva his Wall Drawing 532 was executed for the occasion. A beautiful work and, with its length of 40 meters, impressive too.

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing 532, 40×3.5 m. (June 1987)-detail, remake at Art Genève 2016

Recently I saw an interesting film about LeWitt and his work, co-produced by an old friend of mine*. It showed a good number of his works in grey and black and white, and also in colour. He mostly if not always used plain bright colours, unmixed.
Seeing so many examples of his work, what I had felt already before now really became clear to me: his grey-black-white works make a much stronger impression than the coloured ones. When you find yourself standing in front of them they invariably impress and convince, time and again. His peculiar, conceptual method of creation seemed to be made for grey and black and white.

Photo of the week: Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawing 532, 40×3.5 m. (June 1987)-detail, remake at ‘Art Genève 2016’, Geneva, Switzerland 2016

*”a film about Sol LeWitt” by Chris Teerink, produced by Frank van Reemst and Joost Verhey, DOC.EYE Film 2012.

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