Painters and painters

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Apr 21 2019


Category: Asia, India

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Focal Length:12.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

When leaving TKM Warehouse, the Kochi Biennale venue where I had just seen Prabir Gupta’s installation (see last week’s post), I thought of the roadside painter’s shack in front of the warehouse. Two years ago it was there. Then I had peeped in and taken the photo above. I still remember the pleasant relief I felt when taking in its simple, artisanal atmosphere after all the mind-bending – often conceptual – art works at the Biennale.

Painter’s roadside shack, Kochi 2018

The shack was still there. I don’t know if Mother Teresa was still hanging inside, but through her the Kochi painter of this shack and the Kolkatta painter with his work in the building behind, have somehow become connected more intimately. The artisan and the artist, I love them both.

Photo of the week: Painter’s roadside shack, Kochi, Kerala, India 2016

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