Greek Madonna

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Mar 08 2020

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Category: Europe, Italy

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Focal Length:37.13mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This Madonna, painted on cloth, appeals to me. I think it is the expression of her longish face that made me look at her intently. I feel in it a tinge of sadness.

There runs a scarcely perceptible fold through the hanging cloth as a result of which the left half of her face moves back a bit. This subtle change of perspective makes her face not only narrower and even more longish, but also slightly less symmetrical. Initially I was not aware of it, but after I had noticed, I believe this fact probably makes her expression all the more intriguing.

We see here not just the concept of ‘the Madonna’ portrayed but a truly living human being. When this happens religious art can deeply move even the atheist.

Photo of the week: Theotokos (Mother of God), cloth painting (detail), Basilica of St Ubaldo – Gubbio, Italy 2018

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