By: Louk Vreeswijk

Oct 04 2020

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Category: Middle East, Turkey

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The temple of Athena in Priene was built in the Ionic order, clearly recognizable from the shape of the capitals with two volutes (scrolls). In the course of time the whole temple had collapsed or was destroyed. All the pillars were down and their drums were spread around. Only in the sixties of the last century five pillars were erected again, be it 3 meter shorter than the original ones.

The photos of the last two weeks were special because they were showing the past and the present right next to each other. The contrast between old and new invited to reflect on the perspective of time.

Today’s picture invites us to reflect on the perspective of distance and size. Within the framework of one image the relationship between the close and the far creates an immediate awareness of the enormous task the Greek artisans had set themselves.

Photo of the week: Remains of the Temple of Athena, 4th cent. BC, Priene, Turkey 2003

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