By: Louk Vreeswijk

Oct 11 2020

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Category: Europe, Italy

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This photo tells a similar story as the one of last week, through its subject as well as its composition.

Here we are in an ancient Greek city, not in western Turkey but on the south coast of Sicily, Italy. And the temple in the distance on the left is not of Ionic but of Doric order. It was built in the 5th cent. BC and dedicated to Hera, or maybe Aphrodite.

Like the pillars of the temple of Athena in Priene, the reconstruction of this temple was also carried out around 1960, making use of the original material lying around on the site.

And here too, the enormous blocks of friezes and capitals in the foreground let us realize with awe the grandeur of the temple in the back.

Photo of the week: Greek Doric temple (c. 450 BC) at Selinunte, Sicily, Italy 2000

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