By: Louk Vreeswijk

Sep 26 2021

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Category: Europe, France

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The ‘Pont du Gard’ is probably the best preserved aqueduct of the Roman Empire and for sure a major tourist attraction in the south of France. In the photo you see it on a photo on a wall in the nearby village ‘Vers-Pont-du-Gard’. An appropriate name for a village at a stone’s throw from the Pont du Gard.

Why do I love places like this village in the south of France. Among other things because of:

  • the yellow colour of the old stone buildings;
  • the churches, chapels, crosses … testifying of the catholic heritage in a country of ex-Catholics;
  • the many signposts, even in a tiny village, that tell you where you can find what. Like ‘Eglise’, ‘Maison the la Pierre’, and even a ‘Maison pour tous’;
  • an old house where according to the board above the door lives –or lived– Le Gardien des Anges, the Guard of the Angels.

And then I don’t even mention the oleanders, the cypresses, or the glass of wine on a terrace in the shade of old Plane trees. The wonderful mixture of Mediterranean history, culture and nature.

Photos of the week: Vers-Pont-du-Gard, France 2020

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