Cedrus libani

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Mar 06 2022

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Category: Europe, Switzerland

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“Spring is beautiful everywhere, but it is most beautiful in Lebanon. It is a spirit that roams round the earth but hovers over Lebanon, conversing with Kings and Prophets … repeating with the Holy Cedars of Lebanon the memory of ancient glory.” (Khalil Gibran)
And after the ravages of war and other calamities, for hundreds of years, they still stand strong and tall, awesome and glorious indeed.

In Geneva I have passed underneath the Lebanese Cedar of the photo hundreds of times and each time a flurry of awe and wonder has crossed my mind. The tree stands along a road into town, towering high above the apartment blocks on each side of the road.

Last year I had the chance of residing for a while in an old house in Geneva with in its garden another majestic Cedar of Lebanon.

When thinking of his childhood in Lebanon, Gibran saw again the ancient, awe-inspiring Cedars in front of his eyes.
As for me, thinking of Geneva, first the two Cedars of Lebanon that I know there come to my mind, and then only the “jet d’eau” in the Lake.

Photos of the week: Cedars of Lebanon, Geneva, Switzerland 2021

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