The lost heroes of Rozenoord

By: Louk Vreeswijk

May 01 2022

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Category: Europe, Netherlands

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A monument of empty chairs with nameplates underneath. Names of resistance fighters – mostly – who were executed nearby in the final months of Nazi German occupation of The Netherlands during World War 2.
A chair without armrests for the young ones below 30 years of age; for the ones of 30 to 40 years old a straight chair with armrests; and for 40 and above a slightly reclining armchair. 140 Chairs, all empty, except for some flower bouquets here and there.

Rozenoord Monument, Johannes Conijn, Amstel Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2020
Rozenoord Monument, Amstel Park, Theodoor van Gogh, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2020

On May 4 each year in The Netherlands we commemorate the victims of war.

Photo of the week: Rozenoord Monument (2015), by Ram Katzir, Amstel Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2020

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