A statue of liberty

By: Louk Vreeswijk

May 08 2022

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Category: Europe, Netherlands

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In 1674, during a great storm, the nave of the gothic Dom Church in Utrecht collapsed and from the rubble one must have had a view into the choir and apse that were still standing. The nave had fallen to pieces because it had never been properly finished at the time of the construction of the church in the 14th century. Fortunately the church tower at the other end of the nave withstood the storm. With its length of over 100 meter it was then and still is the tallest bell tower in The Netherlands.

The rubble got cleared and since then the tower and what’s left of the church are seperated by the Domplein square. The life size view of the interior, as it must have been visible after the storm, is from a photograph temporarily fixed on the huge brick wall that encloses the church.

Since the 5th of May (our liberation day) 1949, the statue of the woman with flaming torch stands at the site of the nave. She stands for the resistance against the German occupation in World War 2. With her torch she leads us on the way to freedom.
A statue of resistance, a statue of liberty.

Photo of the week: War resistance monument and Dom Church, Domplein square, Utrecht, Netherlands 2020

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