La Conca – dry

By: Louk Vreeswijk

Jul 10 2022

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Category: Europe, Italy

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This is what the eroded rocky coast looks like at La Conca on the southern tip of Isola di San Pietro, just off the coast of southwest Sardinia. It doesn’t seem to receive sea water during normal high tide since the little basins are completely dried up. If it would, we could expect some water in them, and maybe a sign of life of plants and little creatures. On the other hand, the salt deposits inside the holes suggest that the sea sometimes comes up to this level, most likely during spring tides and stormy weather. Then the little basins fill up and subsequently dry up again in the sun. Making the landscape look dead and beautiful.

Photo of the week: Coast at La Conca, Isola di San Pietro, Sardinia, Italy 2003

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